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Cubscouting and Primary

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) Cubscout program only has three dens:

  • Wolfs (8 years old)
  • Bears (9 years old)
  • Webelos (10 years old)

This website is a good resource for getting started with LDS resources on scouting.

When working on any of the Duty to God adventures this guide will be helpful: cub-scouting


Requirement Outlines for each Den.

Click on the image below to see den requirements.

Links to different sources to all den requirements:

NOTE: A requirement addendum was published in 2016 for each rank!
Cub Scout Modifications post on

New Cub Scout Handbooks 2015
Wolf handbook on Amazon

Bear handbook on Amazon

Webelos handbook on Amazon

Download PDF (26 MB)

Download PDF (26 MB)

Download PDF (18 MB)

Recording Progress

Den Leaders, parents, guardians, or other caring adult acknowledges the completion of each achievement and records progress through The Cub Scouts can also keep track of their own advancement by signing into

The pack should encourage each den to deliver a year-round program, drawing from both required adventures to support rank advancement and elective adventures to support program enrichment. Elective adventures may be earned during den activities, by a boy with the participation of his family, and during council and district sponsored program opportunities. There is no required order in which adventures must be earned. The sequence is left to the discretion of the den leader and Cubmaster.

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